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Torrey Pines State Reserve, San Diego, California , USA

Magnificent view of the Torrey Pines  coastal with wild bush sunflowers.
Torrey Pines State Reserve is a  dedicated 2000 acres park for the protection of exclusive Torrey Pines (only grow here), native chaparral plants, the un-touch beach and others wildlife in it natural environment. It remain the wildness stretch along Southern California coastal. It's consists of plateau cliff that overlook of Torrey Pines State Beach, a Torrey Pines lodge (Visitor Center-Museum Store and ranger station )  build in 1922 for Santa Fe land coompany.  It's located within San Diego City limits, bordered by Torrey Pine municipal golf course on the south.

Pelican cruising above the sea
The wildlife including rattlesnake, bobcats,seagull,lizard, foxes, sea eagle, skunks, western scrub jays, raccoon, least terns,California quail,green herons, snowy egrets, coyotes,Mule deer, rabbits, Savannah sparrows, pelican, dolphin, etc.

During whale migrating season visitor may observe grey whale and  leopard sharks.

One of the available trails at Torrey Pines State Reserve.

There are several rails available here ranging from sand beach to sandstone cliffs. Most of the trails is easy and  accessible by  wheelchair, visitor can have scenic view of the cliff and beach. Be careful when hiking around the trails because some area might erode by wave or wind and there might be rattle snake around too.

The exclusive Torrey Pine Tree at Torrey Pines State Reserve

The sign read" Rattlesnakes may be found in this area. They are important member of the natural community. They will not attack, but if disturbed or corned, they will defend themselves. Give them distance and respect."

Torrey Pines State Reserve, San Diego, California , USA

Magnificent view of the beach, bird watching, hiking, beach activities, sightseeing ,whale watching, etc.

How to go:
Take Interstate 5 then exit at Carmel Valley Road  and go west for 1.5 miles to Coast Highway 101. Turn left and go along the beach for 1 miles to the park entrance.

Address - 12600 North Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, California 92037-1047

Phone - (858) 452-3226

$10 for parking fees, others is free.

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Bench at the Torrey Pines State Beach
Torrey Pines State Beach
some yellow flowers @ Torrey Pines State Reserve
Yellow bush Sunflower at Torrey Pines State Reserve
Cliff of Torrey Pines State Reserve
dead log 
Torrey Pines State Reserve, view of the beach and cliff 

Pelican cruising along La Jolla Beach 
The blue sea of Torrey Pines State Reserve
Me , Hua , Florence and Hwa at Torrey Pines State Reserve viewing platform.
Scenic view of Torrey Pines State Reserve
Scenic view of Torrey Pines State Reserve
Information board at Scenic view of Torrey Pines State Reserve

View from Torrey Pines lodge 
Torrey Pines lodge and ranger station
The fireplace still using until now
The Visitor Center-Museum Store

The indigenous plant seed at Torrey Pines State Reserve

Torrey Pines

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