Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cal Poly Pomona my Uni..

Cal Poly Pomona abbreviation of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona  located at Pomona, CA neighboring to Walnut. This is the university i been attended for almost 2 years. Actually had  pretty hard time here with the quarter system instead of semester system which only 10 weeks per quarter. Last few quarters winter'10 and spring'10 took 19 and 20 unit respectively, it really tough time, because the classes start from 8a.m and end at 6p.m, in between just have about 2 -3 hours rest time; this is my timetable for the whole quarter and i still need to attend lab at night. But all are passed, after all i 'm done. Here  are some of the photos i took at Cal Poly Pomona.

Part II of Cal Poly Pomona (click here)
Part III of Cal Poly Pomona (click here)

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cal poly pomona in front arabian horse house ranch [HDR]
 24 hours library
 some duckie flying
 horses wondering
 duckie playing in water
 horses and the San bernardino mountain as background
  wild flower
  horses and the San bernardino mountain as background
 CLA building
 sheep and blossom bombax trees at university drive
Sycamore trees alongside the road between business and engineering building
purple flowers
dropped bombax flower 
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WeeLing Ng

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hiking at Cucamonga Wilderness

Last month 9/19/10 went to Cucamonga Wilderness with my housemate (ah hua). Actually we plan to hike at the Mount Baldy which is adjacent to this wilderness, who knows the GPS brought us the the wrong side. In the end we arrived at the Cucamonga wilderness, it located in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. The word cucamonga was derived from Rancheria nearby mean "sandy place". yea it quite sandy.

when we reach there,it super dry and hot that time ( maybe still in summer season ). So after bought a parking pass at the  Forest Service office ($5 for one day and 30 for a yrs to all forest park in Socal) which is few miles away from the place we want to hike. When entered the road toward the cucamonga wilderness site, the road suddenly changed from tared road to "stone" road. The road condition is pretty bad it full of holes and uneven, the dust flying over the vehicle, because of the opened car window, i can felt my mouth is filled with dust. We drove for few miles but still didn't reach the site and the GPS also didn't show any route in the map, so we not sure whether it near or still very far. In the end we decided to walk instead of drive because of the really bad road conditions; we just scare that the car stuck there and we'r in big trouble; only us going toward that direction; others cars in front us stopped at the waterfall which is half way to the cucamonga wilderness.  One mistake that i made is i wear a black t-shirt, the sun is killing, although the weather is just ok (around 82++ 28degree celcius) but when walking it make me exhausted  in few minute, i can't stand the dryness; it make me sick.( and maybe my stamina is bad tho) just felt that my throat is very dry. So after walk for 30 min we reach the site and plan out route, we took the "third stream crossing" route which is 2.3 miles and 5300 feets high. Here are some of the photos that i took during the journey and the hiking which is pretty tired for me. The camera just too heavy for me.


 on the way after exit freeway 
 ended of tared road
 me in the mirror..
 some of the native plants
 still the same scenes
 summer scenes 
 too bad this forest being burned down during a forest fire in 2003, so that it pretty hot when we hiking there, we only found shady after an hours plus hiking.
 dry grass
 acorn nut that seen in ice age??
 lunch..potato salad..
 waterfall, the water is freezing cool, hope to showering there.
 middle of the trails
 wild flower
 another wild flower
 some native plant
 it going to dark
 on the way back
the lovely warm  dawn sky
 i can saw the moon


Saturday, October 2, 2010

mi shua teng..30th sept. lunch..

Mi sua teng ( noodle soup ( tiny noodle) in hokkien)this is my lunch at 30th sept 10'
thanks yun see for the "recipe"

here the recipe:
stir fry the minced ginger n garlic with sesame oil
then add chicken
after chicken half cooked add water and ginger juice ( or minced ginger)
boil until cook
then add some cooking wain or any wain..
add salt or chicken powder seasoning..

WeeLing Ng

special b'day present..

This years b'day gonna to be a unforgettable b'day for me..
when going back home from library..
i walk to the bus stand..
and on the way take some shot of the street..(some trees blossom)..
and suddenly saw the bus coming to the bus stop..
so i ran toward it..
but who knew that the soil too soft..(after rain - it been long time since i experienced raining)
so i fell down and scratch both leg and hand with the soil..
actually i felt little bit exciting when fell down..
make me think of my my childhood times..
whereas always fell down..
i get my childhood memories back today...:)
here are the photos i took today..

 my hand with mud..
 leg + mud

Weeling Ng..


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