Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lucifer's Pizza

Yesterday went to Lucifer's Pizza ( one of the best pizza in Los Angeles) with ah hua and his friends( just arrive LA from Malaysia) , the restaurant located at 1958 Hillhurst Ave, Los AngelesCA 90027, Griffith Park/Los Feliz neighborhood. Well when look at the map we thought it "very" near, perhaps we are very wrong. From Vermon/sunset metro station we walked there, it took about 30 minutes to reach. From the name "Lucifer's" we can know that it should be some kind of devil decoration. Yes it is, it had some devil poster, candle on the table, light holder with bat on it, black roses, etc.
we ordered a pumpkin prosciutto pizza and a Greek lamb pizza with the fiery spiciness ( fyi : they have 4 levels of spiciness, zero, medium, fiery and blazing ) and chicken wings. They had some sort of fast food chain service, we need order at the counter, they do not have waiter service and restroom as well, so if you want to clean your hand, they will provide hand sanitizer. Besides that they don't have hot drinks too; water or sodas. After 30 minutes the foods come, it pretty good and crunchy ( thin pizza dough), the taste is special with the lamb (the first ever lamb pizza i tasted) and the pumpkin prosciutto is good tho but the prosciutto ham too salty for me. i will give a 4 out of 5 star rating. 
here some of the pictures i took..enjoy..

maps from metro station
Lucifers Pizza
maps from metro station
Lucifers Pizza bat
  Greek lamb pizza 
pumpkin prosciutto pizza 

Weeling Ng

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 LA Auto Show

Last Thursday went to LA Auto Show. Actually i just want to see the most anticipate company in the show Lotus which launched 5 concept car at Paris Motor show last month, but they just showcased 4 out of the 5 here, without the lotus Eterne. so here there photo of the day..


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