Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pulau Sapi , Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Taken my Padi open water diving course at Sapi Island on March 2013.  Sapi Island is one of the five island that make up Tunku Abdul Rahman National Marine Park that covering some 4929 hectares. It have some very nice beach ( white sand blue sea), but diving is mediocre, nothing much to see, the visibility is low and the water kind of mucky.  Anyway i do enjoy diving here, my first time underwater experience, when first got down i'm kind of nervous and scare because of water pressure make me uncomfortable and my ear is pain. But after few practice and used to the technique to equalize the ear pressure, it's fun and undersea is just amazing, lots of thing that i  never seen and the feel is just great, i definitely will take advance open water course and dive in famous diving site around the globe.
Sunset at Kota kinabalu waterfront 

Sapi Island ( Pulau Sapi) entrance pier
Sapi Island ( Pulau Sapi)  dock 
waiting for boat , see the blue sea.
Sapi Island ( Pulau Sapi)  white sand blue sea
Sapi Island ( Pulau Sapi)  information board 
comodo dragon at Sapi Island ( Pulau Sapi) 
sunbathing at Sapi Island ( Pulau Sapi) 

returning to mainland 
instructor ask to checking air 
clown-fish nemo 

some corals


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