Monday, November 12, 2012

Gunung stong Forest Park ( Jelawang waterfall), Dabong, Kelantan, Malaysia.

The Gunung Stong State Forest Park (GSSFP) located at Dabong, Kelantan, covers some 157,087 ha of forest; is one of the top 5 ecotourism destinations in Malaysia covering some oldest rain forest in the world. It's popular for visitor from Malaysia and Singapore with an estimated 10,000 visitor per annum. It's famous for the purportedly highest waterfall in South east asia,  jelawang waterfall ( 309m), it's so high that you can saw it from far away. Gunung stong ( 1,422 m) is about 4-5 hours from Baha Camp ( 1-2 hours hike to Baha Camp site) and another 3-4 hours return trip. Baha Camp is where you will spend most of the time there, swim in the natural rock pool, watching sunrise from the waterfall and the magnificent panoramic view of Dabong. Besides the view the forest reserve also rich in fauna and flora that some native plant only grow here.

book a guide in advance to make sure you won't lost in the jungle
hiking attire and equipment 
enough foods and water.
contact relevant department before hike.


There is numerous trails within GSSFP include Gunung Ayam, Gunung Stong, Gunung Tera,Gunung Che Tahir, Sungai Semuliang, Seven Summits, Lasr waterfall and Gua Ikan cave. ( Gunung is mountain in Malay) 

elephant, tiger, Malayan tapir,Malayan sun bear, siamang, leapard cat ( prionailurus bengalensis), black panther, serow, pig-tailed macaque, barking deer, banded linsang and banded leaf-monkey.

Holtummochloa pubescebs ( small bamboo), Licuala stongensis ( fan palm), orchids, wild gingers, rafflesia ( world's largest flower) , etc. 

Nearby attractions:
Jelawang, Dabong
18200 Kampong Jeram Rambai

How to get there:
By train from Kuala Lumpur to Dabong
By car , drive to Dabong
By flight ( fly to Kota Bharu then either take train or rent a car there)


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The magnificent sunrise view from jelawang waterfall
Jelawang fall from far away
playing sepak takraw at the baha base camp
our tent at baha base camp
The waterfall where we take shower 
the kitchen

the natural slide

view from peak of Gunung Stong

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gua Kelam ( Cave of darkness) , Perlis, Malaysia.

Gua Kelam ( Cave of darkness) located near to Kaki Bukit 36km from Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia , about 3km away from Thailand border. Its a natural cave system that stretched approximately 370m in the limestone hill.  During 1920's Gua kelam is famous for it tin mining industry and it also a important gateway for villager from Kaki Bukit and Wang Kelian to pass by. Now there is a man made pathway that build above the river in the cave to the other end. At the other end there is a secret garden, with pond, garden and staircases to another cave

contact Perlis forestry before go there, the door might be close
wear sport shoe for more comfortable hike
appropriate sport wear

Cave, wildlife, stalagmite, river, secret garden, hiking, etc. 


Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Perlis
Km 2, Jalan Kaki Bukit, 01000 Kangar, Perlis Malaysia. 
Tel: 04-9776626, 04-9765966 
Fax: 04-9767901

Email :

Admission Fees:
Adult: RM1
Child: RM 0.50


View Gua Kelam in a larger map

inside Gua Kelam
 The entrance of Gua Kelam 
 Entrance of Gua Kelam
 The robust wall of Gua Kelam
 The dim lighting let you enjoy the atmosphere

 the beautiful Gua Kelam
 the sculpture in Gua Kelam 

 the river in Gua Kelam

 another end of the cave

The path to secret garden of Gua Kelam
 The pond at secret garden of Gua Kelam
 The staircases to another cave in Gua Kelam
 secret garden Gua Kelam
 secret garden Gua Kelam
 secret garden Gua Kelam
secret garden Gua Kelam
The "water park at the entrance"


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