Monday, February 4, 2013

Kuala Sepetang Fishing Village

Kuala Sepetang ( 十八丁),  previously known as Port Weld; named after former Governor, Frederick Weld; It's a fishing village located along the Sepetang river connected to the sea, this area periodic fresh and saltwater inundation suitable for mangrove trees hence provided rich ecosystem and important breeding ground for marine animals . It's about 18km from Taiping town and driving normally took about half an hour. Along the way to Kuala Sepetang you can saw mangrove trees along the road ( it's actually Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve). Kuala Sepetang also famous for it charcoal make from mangrove trees, most of the high quality charcoal is exported to Japan.  

Kuala Sepetang ( Port Weld)

cheap and fresh seafood, fishing village, firefly watching, bird watching, eagle feeding, mangrove trees, cruising along  Sepetang river,  beautiful sunset, etc.

How to go:
From Taiping follow Kuala Sepetang roads sign and you will reach there. It's just 18km .

Nearby Attractions:
Taiping, Perak ( 30 minutes driving tranquil lake garden, foods) 
Tua Pek Kong temple, Sitiawan ( about 2 hours + drive, beautiful landscape, temple, sunset, monkey,seaside)
Taiping Zoo ( 30 minutes driving, animals, landscape, family trip, open everyday)
Mangrove trees along the calm Sungai Sepetang
Kuala Sepetang Sunset (HDR)
 The oldest train station in Malaysia.

Besides the mangrove  plants Kuala Sepetang is famous with it fresh and cheap seafood, there are many seafood restaurants along the Sepetang river. The seafood are fresh because all are freshly caught along the river or by the sea. Unfortunately the day i went there most of the seafood sold out  ( because of holiday seasons)  So we just managed to eat some simple seafood. 

 deep fried crispy crab
steam octopus
 Fishing village at Kuala Sepetang
 Seafood restaurant at Kuala Sepetang
 boats parking along the river


Besides the foods and mangrove trees there are many eagles cruising on the sky looking for foods. It's a great place for bird watching photograph because there is variety of  bird species available such as  Brahminy Kite Eagle, White Bellied Eagle, sunda Pygmy woodpecker, Blue Eared Kingfisher, Collared Kingfisher and Stork Bill Kingfisher.

 Brahminy Kite Eagle
Brahminy Kite Eagle 
Brahminy Kite Eagle 


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