Monday, November 18, 2013

Bukit Keluang Sunrise

 Bukit Keluang aka bat's hills is a good location to catch sight of sunrise. A 15-20 minutes hike atop will give a magnificent view of the South China Sea in contrast of bat's hills. There are several trails that accessible to top of the hills.  Find a good spot and wait for the sun to rise.  It's a few kilometers from Kuala Besut jetty and about 10 minutes drive from Tok Bali.

shoe : comfortable shoe for hiking 
water : adequate water to prevent dehydration
tripod : for steady time lapse shooting 
friends: this is remote area, so a group of friends is better 
sunrise: look for sunrise time and arrived atop approximately 15 minutes before sunrise, to setting all your camera equipment and find a good spot. 
cliff : the cliff is about 30 m high so be careful while shooting 

coordinate: 5.796575,102.610799

wildlife here including wild boar, monkey, birds, squirrel, etc. 

Bukit Keluang Sunrise
 Bukit Keluang twilight

Panoramic view of South China Sea
 Beautiful Bukit Keluang Sunrise
 HDR Bukit Keluang Sunrise

 road to the other part of Bukit Keluang 
The other side of  Keluang Beach


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