Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Desert hills/ Cabazon Premium outlets on Black Friday

Last Thursday night, first time went to Cabazon Premium outlets, it located somewhere near desert and mountain. We went there for Black Friday sales which offer up to 70 %. From my house ( Walnut, CA) it took us about an hour and 15 minutes drive. We arrived there about 9p.m, luckily this year stores are open earlier than last years, about 10p.m almost every store opened.  My friend said that last years black friday they opened from midnight, so we are lucky this time no need to queue at the freezing atmosphere.

When reached there and opened car door freezing air blowing through, it almost freeze me i just wore t-shirt and  my hoodie is in the boot. People went there as early as possible to grab some cheap stuffs, some people arrived there in the afternoon,  queuing for the store to open in the freezing air. Although it's a big sales but i just bought two shirts. After all we walk around the area and my leg not gonna move anymore so decide to take a break. About 2.45a.m went to McDonald for my breakfast and some warm air. Stay there until 4a.m and went back to car for a nap. That time is freezing cool, the temperature is about 28°F |-2 °C, even though inside the car but it's still cool, and the car heater seem like not fully functioning. It totally a nightmare; the coldest sleep i ever experienced. When napping i can't feel my leg, just felt the numbness and cold. Luckily the sunrise at about 5a.m ++ and the weather become warmer and warmer. And about 6.30a.m we went shopping again until about 9a.m++ then sleeping at car waiting for my housemates for about 3hours. 

Noon we heading to Big Bear Lake.

Here are the photos..CLICK to Enlarge

 On the way at freeway 
 the long long queue
 queuing everywhere
 terrible breakfast 
hash brown- ilikethis
 empty cup orange juices
 E-class for winner
 sunrise and snow on top of the mountain
 California trademark- Palm trees
 snowy mountain
 queue at Burberry store

WeeLing Ng


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