Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Bear Lake..

Big Bear Lake located about 100 miles from northeast Los Angeles, it is surrounded by San Bernardino National Forest. It is a year-around resort destination in Southern California. It took about 1 hours and 45 minutes drive from Walnut.( where i live) We went there on black Friday (last 2 weeks) after visited Cabazon premium outlet , from there we drove about 1 hours and 30 minutes, and finally reached Big Bear Lake. On the way up the mountain it already covered by snow ( probably after 4000ft), the white snow is just amazing, covered all the dried grasses ,small plants and trees ,transformed into whole white environment. Because of the cold weather the lake is freeze, we tried throw some snow and coin on it,but it didn't break. (but not for a big stone) The scenic view of the lake is magnificent, frozen lake with flora and fauna furthermore with nice weather , definitely a good place for retirement. After visit the lake we went for lunch at KFC ( the first time i stepped in KFC since came to US and M'sia KFC taste better). Then we found a free place and play with the snow. 
here are the photos..enjoy..
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The connecting Bridge on the lake
the snowy roadside

San Bernadino valley 
the dried plants

snowy land
hua with the lake
hua with the snow
History of the bridge
hua with the bridge
hua miao and linda
frozen lake
the weather is so cold 

see the cracked ice
walking around the cool weather

walking into the snow

frozen wall

snow time

snowman in process
naughty leg


WeeLing Ng

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