Monday, October 10, 2011

Yam cha at Satay Malaysia and KB airport..

A happening week with continuous 3 yam cha sessions. Went to Satay Malaysia to taste the long awaited to taste satay. Actually want to eat satay since back to Malaysia but don't have time to do so,yesterday was the first time eat satay after back to Malaysia. But the taste kind of not in standard, too salty and over-spiced. After satay we went to airport to shoot some long exposure pictures, AEROPLANE and light drawing.

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 small body with big lens..

 ting and wendy share share
 quan busy makan ( too hungry) derk too full..hahaha

Friday, October 7, 2011

Paddy field at Malaysia

Perlis paddy field

Been driving passed trough many paddy fields in Kelantan but don't have the chance to stop and take some photo because of heavy traffic, forgot to bring my camera out or camera without SD card..LOL
Today the chance came, when on the way to Pasir Puteh i decide to stop and take some shoot of different paddy fields.  It consist of 3 different locations.

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updated on May23 2012
 The golden paddy grain
  The golden paddy grain
  The golden paddy grain
 Paddy field

 The mature paddy, ready to harvest

 Paddy field near Wakaf Che Yeh, Kelantan.
Paddy field near selising, Kelantan. 
 Paddy field near selising, Kelantan.

 Paddy field near selising, Kelantan. 
Paddy field near selising, Kelantan.  
 Paddy field near selising, Kelantan. 
Paddy field near selising, Kelantan.

WeeLing Ng

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇爷诞) at Kota Bharu

The convey of 九皇爷 pass by my house, so i went out to pai pai and took some photos.

decorated car

 police officer came to assist the traffic



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