Monday, August 30, 2010


突冷突热的天气引起了我的头痛,不知道这奇怪的天气几时会停止。搞到我现在很不舒服。。可能是身体热气,加上外面的冷天气,产生了头痛的 “效果” 。。

早餐=烘面包+ 白咖啡 Toasted bread with white coffee

午餐=清汤扇贝蚝干面 scallop soup noodle

今天晚餐不吃了, 要减肥。。


Sunday, August 29, 2010

my breakfast..28 August 10

today breakfast , salmon ko lo mi ( 大马哈鱼干捞面)

Weeling Ng

Saturday, August 28, 2010

cooler day..

luckily today getting cooler, the weather in California is weird, cold cold hot hot cold cold hot hot, if you can't cope with it, then will get stick is 16°C  compare with last night which is about 23°C ..this few months gain about 2-3 kg of weight , this is because of "supper" sometime just can't resist to eat supper. Just like now..eating salmon fish.. tomorrow onward gonna exercise at least once a day and drink green tea..because saw a post from my friend exercise + green tea = perfect combination to lose weight, so gonna try it..:)

Weeling, Ng

Thursday, August 26, 2010

first ever cha kuey teow by me..

Today cooked my first ever cha kuey teow . Although i am a cha kuey teow lover, but i don't have chance to cook it before ( lazy) . The taste not bad considering the fist time cook it, still have the taste of cha kuey teow. One factor that ruin my cooking is the pan , the suppose to be non stick pan stick all the kuey teow on it, make me harder to cook, beside that the 40°C temperature also "killing" me, cooking + sweating.....
after all..
this come out.

Weeling Ng

My room temperature..

This is reading of my room temperature @ afternoon.
Don't know why this few day the weather freaking HOT..up to 40 + sometimes..
i hate summer, hot + dry weather , prefer spring , the weather just nice.. 10++ to 20++ degree Celsius.

Weeling Ng

My photography website.

Have a look at my photography website.

there you can see the photo taken by me and some photo of my life.
Friends, family, scenery, animals, flowers...
hope you all enjoy it.

welcome to my blog

welcome to my newly re-launched blog.
The previous blog no longer update by me for almost one year. So decide to phase out it and begin with this new blog.
Actually this not a new blog, i just re-launch it.
delete previous post and make it new.
My new life.



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