Friday, July 27, 2012

Home process coffee bean

Here how i research, google and process the fresh coffee bean. 
Step :1 The coffee bean after 1 day soaking in water, gonna wet process it
Step :2 crack the coffee cherry skin and isolate the green coffee bean inside..
Step :3 After wet process the fresh green coffee bean's skin is peeled , it's flesh( mucilage) still attached on the bean. Fermentation begin to remove the mucilage .
Step :4 After fermentation the mucilage is removed . Here the fresh green coffee beans 
 Step :5 dry the green coffee bean under the sun. 
Step :6 Hulling-to removing the entire dried husk. Here show the green coffee bean and the removed husk.

dry the coffee bean untl about 11% then it can be roast and grind to serve as coffee.  

The after roasted coffee..ready to grind and serve as coffee..the coffee aroma is strong now

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