Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good bye US..

After two years plus residing in united states it's kind of hesitate to leave, came to united states at the end of 2008 ,and now its is april of 2011, I'm leaving. The duration is not too long yet too short, but i gained lots of  knowledges, experiences and friends. Those good and bad memories still fresh in my mind, it's kind of just happened yesterday. I felt that human kind of paranoid in demanding ,when live in united states i  always hope to go back, but when the time come  I kind of hesitate to leave, i still miss my home tho. Hopefully I will come back some others day, US indeed a good country to visit . Honestly I start to miss US now, but I will never regret with the decision I had made. Good bye US. See you next time.

P.S: all my friend take care, i will miss you all..

Flight from SF to Seoul

Created on 25 April 2011 ( on SQ 15 flight using ipad2)
Edited on 27 April 2011 ( Seoul on Dell)

on the flight from San Francisco international airport ( SFO) to Incheon International Airport ( ICN)  

Bye US..(San Francisco airport)

arrived in Seoul

Weeling Ng.

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