Friday, April 29, 2011

Flight from San Francisco to Seoul

Departing from LAX ( Los Angeles Airport ) to SFO ( San Francisco Airport). Almost can't get in the flight because i didn't print the ticket for return ticket from Korea. ( i just know that we need return ticket in order to check in ). Wasted $8 for the stupid wifi connection ( US airport suck, they didn't provide free Wifi, which almost all asia airport offered). Take American Airlines to San Francisco, the flight i ok i guess, i am asleep as soon as enter the aircraft; i just know that the air stewards are old, after one hours and 20 minutes arrived SFO. SFO is ok but i need to walk for about 20 minutes to terminal 4 ( international terminal), wondered if they offer shuttle in the airport. From San Francisco to Seoul on Singapore airlines is good experience, the flight is not full so there is only 2 people per roll ( 3 seats), we can share the middle seat. the food and air steward is good. On the 12 hours ++ flight i slept for 3 hours and the rest playing with quizzes , watching movie and documentary , eat, and taking photo. The snow mountain at Russia is magnificent, filled with white color snow in vast area.

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San Francisco airport ;SFO terminal 2 ( arrived from Los Angeles Airport)
take off from SFO
inside SQ 15 flight
the menu
Foods and Beverages
Bye US ( San Francisco City)
coast of SF
Pacific Ocean
Chicken with grain mustard sauce ( LUNCH)
lovely cloud
half way to go
Snow mountain..somewhere at Russia
Snow mountain..somewhere at Russia
snowing sea
Snow mountain..somewhere at Russia
Snow mountain..somewhere at Russia
Snow mountain..somewhere at Russia
light meal before landing at Seoul, South Korea.
freezing water droplet ( outside temperature is -50°C) 
sunset soon
arriving Incheon, South Korea.
landing at incheon international airport
lovely mummy and sister at Incheon airport

Weeling Ng


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