Thursday, January 27, 2011

jogging / hiking at Walnut

Today suddenly thought of wanna go for jogging ( because long time never exercise) . So about 4.30p.m depart from my house with a bottle of water and my camera of-course, toward the mountain area near my house. It pretty steep or maybe too long didn't exercise, when half way can felt my leg not going to move and my heart beat is insanely fast, my throat is extremely dry; luckily i bring out a bottle of water. actually the slope is well pavemented because it is pedestrian walkway in front of on the way there many dog bark at when when i passing those houses; and the slope seem never ending, i can't saw the end of it, it pretty exhausted "hiking " there. But finally i reach the top , the timing just perfectly ( sunset time) the sky turned orange, felt a warmy feel. The view just nice, can saw the snowy mountain with golden light ( sun-ray) on top and the city of West Covina; father away can even saw the buildings of downtown Los Angeles. But precious time won't last long, a while the sky turned dark and it time for me to go back. So i speed up my step and increase the downhill speed. (don't too fast , my braking system not that When passed a playground it kinda of haunted feel, no light;just a piece of dark atmosphere covered with trees. I just scare a ghost suddenly jump out in front of me. ( i know that not gonna happen). 
So here the photo i taken today..

天心血来有个动力要去跑步(因为已经很久没运动了),带着相机和一瓶水就 一路从家走到山坡上。到了山顶看到太阳下山的景色,真的美,那橘黄色的天空加上暗淡的天色感觉很温馨。还可以看到远处的雪山和洛杉矶的高楼。正所谓岁月不留人美丽的风景就只有那几十分钟。一下黑夜来临,整个天就黑了。当时我就放快脚步回家, 因为要经过一个公园,曼暗的没路灯。经过那公园时,心想会不会有个鬼跳出来。。哈哈哈
 blooming white flower behind my apartment

 partial leafless maple trees
  partial leafless maple trees
  partial leafless maple trees

 totally leafless
 mountain ( snow just melted last few week)

 Downtown Los Angeles ( those far away building)
 that me

 snow mountain

Weeling Ng 黄维霖

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