Friday, January 7, 2011

Interview at Cypress..

The first ever interview by me. Jan 6 2011..
woke up in the morning..
nervous no appetite to eat ( no time tho)
rushed for the bus, which i no need to..because mistaken the arrival time.
so when reach the bus stop i waited for 15minutes..(the journey took 3 hours and 5 minutes)
after arriving El monte waiting for 577 bus toward long beach. The bus driver cheated me $1 ( i'm blur that time so didn't noticed) the bus fair is too much $2.90 for one way..and need to pay even though have daypass..what the hell..
then arrive at CSU Long beach , and again transit to Cypress. 
So when i arrive there..finding my way to the company..
i look over all the resume and prepare some questionnaire that might be asked..
after all i went into the office..
who know the receptionist told me..
the interview is at other building..
it 2 minutes away ( by car)
well that time it already 3.25p.m , my interview is at 3.30p.m
so nothing much i can do except running for 15minutes to reach the other building which is one street away..
luckily the guy wait me and the interview goes smoothly..
the guy ask say the "result' gonna out soon, they still need to interview others ppl next week
so ask me wait for their respond
after interview just realize i haven't take any meals yet..
grab some nugget and french fries at Wendy's 
After all....
i just got time to shooting around..   
today is perfect day for HDR photography..
because the sky is filled with clouds.
just brought out my camera and take some HDR picture..
some guy watching me weirdly when i taking the picture of trees..( maybe they thought i never saw trees before)

Here are my photos..
  Sunset HDR
  Sunset HDR

 sunset HDR
 Sunset HDR
 in the bus
 Old man reading

WeeLing Ng

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