Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.

Taiping, developed during industry revolution in tin mining industry in the 19th century and become capitol of Perak (replacing Kuala from 1876 to 1937) and then replaced by Ipoh . It's a beautiful and peaceful town to visit. Taiping lake garden is the "masterpiece" of tin mining industry and lastly being transformed into a serene lake garden. 

Beside the tranquil lake, many colonial building are well preserved in Taiping, most of the building is now occupied by government agency. It'd the oldest modern prison in Malaysia (Malaya then)  established in 1879 Taiping prison is the largest of it kind at that time. Beside that Taiping railway was the oldest (opened on 1885) in Malaysia ( Malaya then) connecting Taiping to Port Weld (  now Kuala Sepetang)  to facilitate tin mining industry. It also the wettest town in Malaysia; receiving 4000mm of rain per year ( average 2000-2500mm) .

What to do in Taiping (attractions):
Bukit Larut - Hiking
Taiping Lake Garden- tranquil lake, boat paddling, jogging ,etc
well preserved colonial building
Perak State Museum
oldest prison 

Nearby Attractions:
Tua Pek Kong temple, Sitiawan ( about 2 hours + drive, beautiful landscape, temple, sunset, monkey,seaside)
Kuala Sepetang Fishing Village ( 30 minutes driving, seafoods, mangrove swamp, beautiful sunset)
Taiping Zoo ( animals, landscape, family trip, open everyday)



Taiping Lake Garden ( more beautiful pictures) 
 Taiping Lake Garden ( more beautiful pictures) 

 some old building 
 colonial building
 the now land office of taiping 
 Taiping prison
 Perak Museum
 Prison entrance

Taiping Lake Garden ( more beautiful pictures) 

Taiping Lake Garden ( more beautiful pictures) 
Kuala Sepetang Fishing Village ( more beautiful pictures) 

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