Sunday, April 28, 2013

Khlong Hae floating market, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand.

Khlong Hae floating market (ตลาดน้ำคลองแห) located at Khlong Hae, about 15- 20 minutes tut tut ride from Hat Yai town, just tell tut tut driver you want to go Khlong Hae floating market and they will bring you there ( went there during 2013 Chinese New Year and being charged 600 baht for return trip from Hat Yai )  try to bargain the price before enter the tut tut ( it should be around 500-700 baht for return trip) .

Tut tut driver will drop off at a temple compound ( parking area for tut-tut) the floating market is next to it, walk along the road and you will see a river and the floating market, all foods at floating market is halal but you can get non halal foods along the road to the floating market and beside floating market. There is all kind of stuffs there;  foods , souvenir, drinks, arts, t-shirt, cloths, etc. The foods and drinks is quite cheap ranging from 20-50 baht. For about 200 bath you can have sumptuous Thai foods there.   

light wear- weather is kind of hot
go after 5P.M ( comfortable temperature)
bargain with tut tut driver for return trip ( they will wait until you done shopping)

paddle boat, varieties of foods, souvenirs, shopping ( t-shirts, shoe, slipper, jewelry, etc)   

Operating Hours:
Friday to Sunday 3P.M to 9P.M .  

Khlong Hae Municipality Tel. 074 580888 or  fax. 074 580785

GPS coordinate :7.04508,100.474906

Nearby attractions around Hatyai:

Map / location:

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Enjoy the photos

The floating market during sunset
The street next to the temple before floating market
paddling on the river

20 baht drinks including the clay container

only 20 baht
some crunchy stuff ( mixed with vege, prawn ,peanut, lime , etc) 

cute fruits ( actually it is mung bean paste covered with colorful jelly made into fruits shape) 
when the night come

some local foods
fried seafoods yummy
Another market beside floating market ( varieties of foods here)
decoration chocolate
chicken rice
beers 400 baht for a tower of Heineken ( pretty cheap)
grilled fish with salt 
the alley 
the shopping alley 
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some roots foods and beans
Traditional dessert 
painting carton sculpture ( paint the color on the white clay sculpture) 
fruits seller on boat
salted fish
the unfinished wooden bridge 
The Khlong Hae floating market at night
The Khlong Hae floating market at night
souvenirs made from joining beats 
local foods
the temple entrance beside Khlong Hae floating market 


  1. may i know how many person you take by the tut-tut car, cause i see for your blog u say thai baht 500-700, this price it's for 1 person or 1 by 1 car?

  2. Esther ong: it's one car..that time we about 6 or 7 peoples. hope this help..

  3. if we go for hari raya time (malaysia), is the floating market still available??

  4. @cdr msk

    i can't confirm...but from what i googled someone went on raya ke-5 last years..2012

  5. Hi, is it must be traveled by group to hire tut tut? How about 2 person only? And we pay after return to Hatyai?

  6. no, basically it's charge per trip per tut-tut so it doesn't matter how many of you, as long as all can fit in that tut-tut. Hope this help.

  7. Hi, i enjoyed your post here. I wanted to know besides than the floating market, there's one night market is must visit right? can you tell me more? Or any place for shopping in Hatyai? :D much appreciated

  8. Hi Bryan Then,

    I remember i went to Diana shopping complex and around Lee Garden Plaza Hotel..there is many roadside store selling stuffs around Lee Garden and lots of foods too. hope this help..anyway thanks for visiting my blog.. have a good day..



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