Thursday, June 21, 2012

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is a 40 Hectares (100 acres ) zoo located in Balboa Park , San Diego. It housing more than 3,600 animal with 650 species. San Diego zoo grow from abandoned exotic animal exhibitions after the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. It's one of the zoo that housed giant panda, Galapagos tortoise, pygmy hippo, gorillas, orang utan, polar bear, etc.

 San Diego Zoo

Varieties of animal, park, landscape and flowers. Besides that we still can learn more about animals there. There is lot of information available inside. Besides that inside the zoo we can ride Guided Bus Tour, Express Bus, Skyfari Aerial Tram.

The zoo is divided into : 
Polar Rim
Panda Canyon
Lost Forest
Asian Passage
Elephant Odyssey
Urban Jungle
Africa Rock
Discovery Outpost 


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 1-Day Pass $42

Nearby Attractions:

Enjoy the photos

San Diego Zoo entrance
San Diego Zoo Map
 Komodo Dragon
 Rattle snake
 Alligator snapping turtle
 colorful lizard
 Giant cave roach 
 Red blossom flowers at San Diego Zoo
 colorful lizard 
 Galapagos tortoise at San Diego Zoo
Galapagos tortoise at San Diego Zoo


 Peacock on top of trees
 Flamingos at San Diego Zoo
 Colobus Monkey

 Boa snake
 Pygmy hippo 
 pygmy hippo 
 Orang Utan 
 Black and white Colobus monkey
 Honey bear 
 Grizzly bear

 white wolf 
 Springbok African Antelope at San Diego Zoo
 Hyena at San Diego Zoo
 Panda at San Diego Zoo ( only see the butt, lazy to queue up )
The dirty Polar Bear at San Diego Zoo
 The shuttle at San Diego Zoo
 Chacoan Peccary 

Queuing for the Skyfari

 Capybara ( Largest rodent in the world)

 cute baby


 California Condor
 Kirk's dik-dik

 On the Skyfari
 California tower from Skyfari 
 Panoramic view of San Diego Zoo from the Skyfari

 on the bus
Best friend 
 Best friend 
The elephant

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