Friday, February 24, 2012

Hat Yai Municipal Park , Golden Buddha, Guan Yin pavilion

Hat Yai Municipal Park is a park that covered from hills to a lake. It's located at Kanchanawanit Road approximately 6 kilometers from Hat Yai downtown. In the park there is a Golden Buddha, Guan Yin ( Mercy Goddess) temple  and Cai Shen ( god of prosperity ) located on  the hills while a lake at the foothills. Besides that there is a newly build cable car connected between hills. From the hilltop there is 360 degree panoramic view of Hat Yai City. From the hilltop where the Golden Buddha located there is a stairs connected to the Guan Yin temple at middle of the hill. At the lake you can rent a paddle boat, feeding the fishes and walking around the lake.

 Kanchanawanit Road , Hat Yai

Golden Buddha, Guan Yin Temple, Cai Shen, paddling in the lake, hiking at the hills, jogging around the park, feeding fishes, eat some local foods, photo-taking, panoramic view of Hat Yai City 

How to go:
By car or tut tut ( some part of the road is pretty steep, beware when driving uphill) 

Entrance fees:

Nearby Attraction:

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  The Golden Buddha on top of the hills

view of Hat Yai City
Panoramic view of Hat Yai City

 around the Golden Buddha
devotes  praying 
 another view of Golden Buddha
 The Bell around the compound

 cable car station

 Golden Buddha behind cogongrass
 view of the field
 golden dragon
 golden dragon
 chai shen ( god of prosperity )


 Guan Yin statue 

 the lake
 Dragon year

 painting on miniature statue 


  1. how much is the cost to rent the van from town to this place?

  2. I'm not sure since i rent it from Tak Bai opposite to Kelantan. But it's very near to the town so i guess it's not expensive, maybe less than 1000baht..



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