Monday, January 16, 2012

Kelantan is flooded.. Banjir Di Kelantan 2011

Here are some pictures of current flood in Kelantan. Will update more soon. 

currently all river level is decreasing..( 16Jan 2012)

updated on Jan 15 2012 11.a.m
 below the bridge

updated on Jan 15 2012 1.18a.m.

 yam cha-ing 
 flooded tambatan d'raja

Updated on  Nov 25 2011
HDR of flooded ma zu temple at Golok
 on the way to Rantau Panjang.~flooded building.
walking in the flood..
flooded village at Rantau Panjang.
 Kids playing flood water
 the fast flowing flood water
 junction is flooded too
 golok ma zhu temple is flooded too

 railway almost flooded
 Rantau Panjang town
  Rantau Panjang
 Rantau Panjang

24 Nov 2011
Current water level at Tambatan D'raja is 4.33 under warning status, if it keep going up Kota Bharu gonna flooded. Btw 5.0 just consider as dangerous.
Tambatan D"raja 24 nov 2011
In front istana batu
Pasir Tumboh
Pasir Tumboh

Jalan Pasir Puteh
Jalan Pasir Puteh
Tambatan D'raja


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